Do You Need Landscaping or Hardscaping?

Well-Run, Thoughtful Projects

At Marshall’s Landscape and Design, we start with a no-cost initial consultation at your home. One of our knowledgeable staff will bring their years of expertise to discuss your ideas and needs. On our next visit we will present a design and quote for your project. Once we have ensured we have captured your vision, our staff will work with you to schedule start and completion dates for your project.

All of our projects, weather permitting, are seen thru to completion once we start unless another timetable has been agreed to. Upon completion, we then go over our promised guarantees and easy care instructions. Invite us out today!

Landscape Design & Installation

Our aim is to make your home or patio feel and look a part of the land on which it sits. Whether softening corners, transitioning lawns up to your foundation, highlighting architectural focal points, or screening a view – our experience allows us to bring your vision to life.

A knowledge of plant sizes, colors, and textures promise to bring years of beauty and interest to your landscape. Our design is unique to each area of your home. A four season interest for a front yard or the colorful flowering sequence in a seasonally used back yard will all be thoughtfully considered and explained before a shovel goes in the ground.

Function and maintenance are always primary considerations. Our focus on care-free designs intend to make your home a place of beauty and outdoor enjoyment. Let our experience guide your dream landscape today!

The Right Choice for Your Home

Marshall’s Landscaping guarantees all trees and shrubs for 1 full year unconditionally! Our years of experience in local plant needs has allowed us to offer this promise of success.

We use a selection of beautiful, low maintenance, hardy plants. We consider your site for size, sun, shade, moisture conditions, and even deer! When we add our professional soil preparation to all these elements we achieve years of beauty and low maintenance.

Design Your Space

Hardscaping at Marshall’s Landscape and Design is as much about what you don’t see as the beauty that you do see.

We take advantage of the best tools and products offered in the industry. Polymer sand, stabilizing cloth, 600 lb. tamper, and roller tamper are just a few of the items we bring to insure the most durable walls and walks possible. Our ICPI-trained staff brings years of experience promising years of care free use and value.

Fire Pits for Your Backyard

One of the biggest trends in landscape design in recent years has been the integration of spectacular fire pits in backyards. The warmth and comfort of a fire pit extends the season for outdoor entertainment well into the fall and winter.

Outdoor fire pits allow for great gathering places for your patio. We help you choose the perfect style and materials. From the first design consultation, to constructing the finished project, our team will impress you with their courteous customer service and exceptional craftsmanship.

With many years of experience installing backyard fire pits we can help you choose the perfect style.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are constructed to hold back soil. They are often used to manage uneven slopes, particularly if the slope is sharp or inconsistent with the rest of your landscape.

Many homeowners decide to employ retaining walls for the simple practical necessity of it, holding back troublesome land that may overflow, or cause draining issues. But retaining walls can be constructed purely for aesthetics as well and built in a way that frames other structures or creates an eye-catching hardscape feature to fill blank spaces in your yard.

If your property has steep slopes or a challenging topography it may be necessary to transition abrupt changes in grade over a limited distance. We offer Retaining Wall Design and Construction Services to accomplish building on these types of sites. Varied methods in retaining wall construction fulfill this requirement nicely with the use of natural stone, boulders, and a wide array of manufactured retaining wall systems.

Ready to get a retaining wall that is sure to meet your home’s needs? Trust in the experts at Marshall’s Landscape to bring you the best. We offer years of experience to either create a new retaining wall system or troubleshoot and correct an existing failing wall and our work speaks for itself!

Outdoor Lighting to Show Off Your Property

Most property owners go through a great deal of effort and expense to improve the appearance of their home – why not enjoy it all day and night long! Carefully chosen and placed landscape lighting adds atmosphere and beauty to your garden after dark and helps you make better use of your outdoor spaces. It also provides security and safety to you and your family.

A well designed and professionally installed landscape lighting system incorporates the use of light, shadows, negative space and silhouettes; and it can add priceless beauty to your home and landscape.

Our landscape lighting designs provide lighting that will be as functional as it is beautiful. Fixture placement, LED fixture selection and lamp size, beam angle width, transformer size, and wire layout will all be determined during the design process.

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

We use high-quality LED fixtures that are completely sealed, and use 75% less energy than traditional outdoor lighting systems. (e.g. 4.5w bulb uses just .54 cents annually ) The LED fixtures are rated for 45,000 hours before failure and under normal daily use will last 22 years with little or no maintenance. No more changing bulbs every few months.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Walkway and Pathways

Outdoor lighting helps guide people safely to your home, but this type of landscape lighting can also add an inviting ambiance as well as drama to an area and throughout your landscape in addition to providing safety at night.

Lighting for Your Yard and Patio

The lighting of your yard and patio can be used to complement the entire landscape and blend well with the architecture of your home, as well as the seasonally changing foliage outside. Our lighting installations will help you maximize your yard and patio space at night. You will have proper illumination for safety and security and an area that welcomes you to relax and unwind.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Pool Landscape

Our outdoor lighting options for your pool can provide needed safety and attractive accents. We design our landscape lighting illuminations to enhance, not overshadow, the look of your landscaping.

Enjoyment for Years to Come

Marshall’s Landscaping not only installs beautiful landscapes but also keeps them looking their best.

Our trained staff is equipped with the most efficient tools and techniques available. We purchase all of our premium materials in truckloads getting them at the best price possible. Our value and efficiency allows us to bring the quality and service you expect at a cost that makes sense. Ask for a quote today!

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